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1) MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100 is a special complex lihium grease designed for high speed applications such as electromotors and fans where a long service life is required.

2) MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100 is particularly developped for the lubrication of bearings working in extreme cold conditions. It is mechanically stable and still workable down to – 50°C and up to 160°C. It protects also bearings form fretting corrosion.

3) MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100 is adapted for the lubrication in equipment under wet conditions and helps to reduce significantly friction between metal surfaces and hence reduce vibrations.

4) MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100 is also suitable to lubricate thermoplastic materials.

5) MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 100 is recommended for temperatures between -50°C and +160°C.



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